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Here’s How To Wake Up Early!

16-01-2018 03:00 PM | Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar | My Indian Dream

Here’s How To Wake Up Early! | My Indian Dream

It is true that early bird catches the worm. Here are few tips to do it.

Winter is here and it is a great excuse to spend 5 more minutes in bed in the morning. But, we all know how that ritual turns out to be. Instead of snoozing off alarms every 10 minutes, we need to get out of bed a little earlier. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Night owls will definitely relate to this struggle. Their common explanation is – night makes you more creative. This excuse doesn’t always help.

So, here are few things to set a routine and wake up earlier.

Never drink too much caffeine or alcohol before going to bed. It will delay your bedtime far more than you have planned. You will also wake up feeling groggy. Not a great way to start a day, right?

Take someone’s help. If your parents/roommate/spouse wakes up earlier than you, then ask them to wake you up. Tell them about your plans. Talk to them about how important next day is to you. It will help your mind to follow the routine easily.

If you usually wake up around 8 am, don’t suddenly try to change that and wake up at 6 am. Your body clock will take some time to adjust this change. Start by sleeping earlier. Set the alarm for at least 15-20 minutes before your regular timing. Change this timing every 2-3 days. It will take a week or two, but the change will not exhaust you in this way.

Do not leave your phone by your pillow. It’s easier to hit the snooze button and continue snoring. Put your phone in another place. Put that in the other corner of your room. It will force you to get out of your bed to turn off the alarm.

Don’t open your phone as soon as you open your eyes. Wait for some time before diving into the ocean of Whatsapp messages and Facebook notifications. It will freshen up your mind and will help you in planning your day before its too late.

Ones you wake up, don’t find excuses to go back to bed. Fold the sheets and go to other room. Or go outside the house. Morning light will instantly make you feel fresh. Ones you see people around you are already awake and getting to their work, you will not go back to bed for those 5 more minutes.

Start exercising. That’s even better. It will help you stay healthy and it is also a great way to kick-start your day. You do not need to hit a gym immediately. Start slowly. Go for a walk or start running around or two. Even basic stretching exercises are good for first few days.

Don’t expect to suddenly change everything. Take one step at a time. Don’t give in! And let us know how these tips work out for you.

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