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Here's Why Parents Need to be the First Teachers!

14-10-2017 01:00 PM | Sagarika Kanukollu

Here's Why Parents Need to be the First Teachers! | My Indian Dream

Parents are always a good teacher!

We have been hearing two things since our childhood: Parents are our first teachers and school is our second home. Now, the bridge between the two things we learnt is what we call ‘schooling’. While our parents help us develop good habits and manners in our lives, schools help us build vocabulary, knowledge and our career.

Something really obvious among children is their naughty, stubborn and sometimes uncontrollable behaviour. Modernisation has brought ease, but at the same time made it little offbeat. Often, working parents leave their children in day care and they have their maids to watch the rest. But have you noticed the impact they leave on their children? The children grow up seeing an outsider and learn from maids lacking the parental touch.

This gradually makes them stubborn. Because, a maid’s angry face cannot do what a mother’s pleasing smile with patience can. Children develop the negatives like arrogance, back answering, improper reporting of their day etc. This also makes them odd one in their school, and they may have to deal with punishments and scolding. Teachers are sometimes compelled to be tough to the children in certain situations. These cases exist due to lack of coordination between the teachers and the parents.

Parents are responsible of inculcating etiquettes like discipline, respecting elders, cleanliness, dressing sense etc. Eventually, these things make them a good student and help them rise in studies. Instead of scolding them on their poor performance, be kind to them and teach the importance of education in leading a good life. Once, they understand you, they will reflect it in their activities.

Similarly, teachers- better known as the second parents; should treat each child as unique and important as their own. Punishment never makes children better, it rather has a harsh and upsetting effect on them. When a child starts admiring his teacher instead of fearing, he learns beyond books – the Life. When a child makes noise, you should understand what makes him do that. An elementary school in Baltimore, USA sends noisy or misbehaving children to a ‘Mindful Moment Room’, where they are made to meditate. This brings their mind to calm and control. Apparently, it improves their memory and concentration.

Hence, all that we need to understand is, teachers should be a good parent. And, at the same time parents- a good teacher!