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- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

How Are You Celebrating This Diwali?

15-10-2017 03:04 PM | Sagarika Kanukollu

How Are You Celebrating This Diwali? | My Indian Dream

Let's celebrate Diwali with love and care.

Well, the festival of lights is on its way. People are busy with renovating and cleaning their homes. While the country is welcoming the festivals with sweets, lights, shopping and smiles, some people are making a difference.

A group of youngsters have fun time in the garden every eve. Often, the guard joins them too. One fine evening, they discovered that he was upset. On inquiry, they found that a day before, his cycle was stolen. What do they do? The adorable group of guys chose to gather the money to buy him a new cycle, instead of lighting up some crackers. The surprise smile in the watchman’s wet eyes was what they felt as a ‘Diwali’ gift.

Sonali has recently completed her fashion designing course. And, instead of making some pieces for her friends as her assignment, she chose to design clothes for the children in slums in her neighbour street. A day before Diwali, she plans to gift them all with the new clothes.

Rajiv is a CA and he has a good rapport in the industry. His colleagues, managers and friends send him a lot of sweets in the entire week of Diwali. Rajiv’s parents are diabetic. So, he just retains one box of sweets with him and rests, he visits an Old age home every year to sweeten the elders.

Supriya is an employee in the quality testing department of a huge company that manufactures toys. The defected pieces are sent to small shops and the rest are exported. She, with another 4 colleagues had requested the directors to allow them to pack those defected toys and send them to an orphanage in the city as gifts. The video she shot of the kids when they were gifted, it brought tears to the directors.

There was a small cobbler sitting on the footpath outside a society. One day, a tree branch fell on his small broken roof and it ruined his shade completely. He didn’t sit there for a week. The small children had it in mind. They together ran to the secretary and pleased him to help. The next day, the secretary pulled out an old- car from the scrap in the garage. The kids cleaned it up with fun and the cobbler could make his living, sitting in the backside of the car.

It doesn’t really matter how big is your help to others. What matters is your dedication in making someone’s day better. The little things you leave behind could be prominent in someone’s life. If you are willing to spread a smile, God will place little ways in front of you, you just need to realise them. This Diwali, let the celebrations double with love and care.