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How Social Media Is Changing Us

03-03-2017 02:00 PM  
Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar | My Indian Dream      32

How Social Media Is Changing Us | My Indian Dream

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Social media platforms have a lot to offer. We only need to know the difference between good and bad.

Social media has changed the way we think and express. It has influenced us so much that we have started to love, hate and even celebrate differently. It has changed us for good as well as bad.

Every media house is maintaining their presence of these platforms because they are well aware of the power of it. But, the power can create and destroy at the same time.

We are addicted to instant connectivity. We are so used to having everything at our fingertips that delay of some seconds make us restless. We do not know how to live in the world without smart phones and internet. We have forgotten that world was not always like this.

In fact, social media platforms were not even the thing a decade ago. Surely, there was Orkut or MySpace. But, those were in very early stages and many people never thought that those websites will survive for much longer time. But, it did. And it evolved with time. Today, billions of people from all corners of the world are using these platforms. Social media giants like Facebook are important part of our lives now.

It has become acceptable to share tiny details of your life, to talk about everything under the sun and still do nothing. No one finds it bothersome that all the talking on these easily available platforms are us leading nowhere. Sure, there are groups and people who are using their words sensibly and are taking a stand. But, most of the people are not even aware that their single post or a comment can lead to unnecessary trouble.

And that’s not the only problem. Clicking photographs to capture a moment is one thing. And clicking selfies and uploading hundreds of those on social media is another. We already are the generation that is selfish than previous one. We cannot afford to become so narcissistic that filling our accounts with blurry, poorly clicked selfies and measuring anyone’s life by their social media accounts is the only thing we do.

These things are hurting who we are as a human being. But, it has also impacted a society as a whole.

Everyone has an opinion about everything. And everyone is in hurry to express it. It leads to poorly-worded thoughts cramming the internet. Most of times, these opinions are based on the half or totally wrong information. It creates confusion and instability.

It is not wrong to voice your thoughts or express your concern about something even when you are thousands of miles away or upload your photos on your account. It becomes something to worry about when we forget that there is line between real and virtual world.

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