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- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

How You Can Contribute Towards A Well-Fed Country?

21-12-2017 12:57 PM | Aastha Dogra

How You Can Contribute Towards A Well-Fed Country? | My Indian Dream

Zero food wastage is the motto we should all follow for life! 

Food waste can be divided into pre-consumer stage and post-consumer stage. Pre-consumer wastage occurs during production, transportation, storage and distribution. Majority of the post-consumer food wastage comes from social and family functions as well as hotels and canteens. To put brakes on such humongous post consumer wastage, changes in traditions and mindset of people is required. We all need to think why the amount of splurging on weddings, birthday parties and other social events is considered a yardstick of one’s social standing. 

Government rules and laws are not enough to tackle this menace. Of course, improving storage facilities and transportation is something that our government should aim for, yet, we too as people, as families, as a society, should be ready to make changes in our lifestyle.

There are people amongst us who have turned social entrepreneurs for the cause of “Zero Food wastage”. They collect food waste from banquets, hotels, marriage halls and parties and supply them to the needy.  Not every one of us can afford to do this. However, as responsible citizens of this country, we have a moral responsibility to not waste food in any manner on a personal level. We can achieve this by taking small measures like purchasing food in a limit, eating smaller food portions, storing food properly at home, donating leftover food or creating new recipes from it. Zero food wastage is the motto we should all follow for life! 

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