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How travelling shapes you!

07-07-2017 06:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

How travelling shapes you! | My Indian Dream

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Every traveller has his story to say.

Travelling through hilly terrains or through beautiful floral parks, crossing gracefully flowing rivers or small lanes of merchants; every aspect of travelling influences you and your mind. It gives you memories you would cherish your entire life. Thus it’s rightly said, every traveler has his story! Travelling is not only a point of someone’s interest but it also a long healthy impact on us and our lives. We will know about some these blissful impacts travelling makes on us.

Helps you find your purpose

If you are confused about certain decisions in your life, all is you to do is plan a trip! Travelling across various places you have not been before and interacting with people opens up your find. Exchange of ideas and observing many different things gives a boost to your mind and helps you channelize your interests and passion. Seeing at certain aspects of the world which you had never witnessed before will help you come up with a strong desire that you would be able to pursue as an educational or a career choice.

Is the best therapist

Travelling is a natural way of healing your emotional pains, confusions and mostly destressing you. Breaking one’s boring routines and stepping out of the nutshell will help you divert your mind from things that bother you and maybe in your venture you might find your solutions and ways to gear up your life. The ups and downs of a hilly and plateau regions resemble our lives journey that everyone undergoes.

Will help you know yourself better

Travelling lets you be your own self, you need not pretend who you are not while travelling, because you aren’t under an atmosphere of peer pressure. You express yourself freely to nature, react to situations and incidents around you as per your wisdom and immediate instinct. You experience and react to things that come across you while travelling without any hesitation and second thoughts. This attitude helps you decipher your real self and what your natural instincts are that will eventually shape you to what you become. You will become your best friend after your trip as you will be no longer an alien to yourself!

Expands your knowledge

Travelling teaches you things that are difficult for a book to deliver. Interactions, observations and immediate reaction to them is the best way is which one can ever learn anything. You get to experience everything live and see the repercussions your reaction makes on them. Who can teach you a life-long lesson better than your own experience! Witnessing world and new things will eventually enlarge your bucket of knowledge. Different places and people across the world have different ways, traditions, practices and customs which increases not only our general knowledge but also makes us vigilant and socially aware. You will get matured to the outside world eventually.

Can turn you into an extrovert

People who are too shy to socialize should actually consider travelling. This will shape their personality into a friendlier person and help you kill your introvert tendencies. Interacting with unknown people and trying to know them is the best ever way to socialize. It will even make you a better person as you might learn many things from them.

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