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Ill effects of siting for long hours

26-05-2017 12:09 PM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Ill effects of siting for long hours | My Indian Dream

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Ever thought that sitting for long hours can shorten your lifespan? Here's how.

Nowadays sedentary jobs are everywhere. Sitting long hours have become unavoidable. Study says that sitting for more than 8 hours continuously is as bad as smoking. Even working out for one hour can’t compensate it. The ill effects are so severe that it can even be fatal. The ratio of people dying due to sedentary lifestyle is about 40%. Body metabolism slows down and organs get weak. These are the risks of sitting for long hours.

Risk of chronic diseases increases

Chronic diseases are diseases that happen frequently and remain for a long period of time. Diabetes, osteoporosis, cardio vascular diseases, arthritis and even some types of cancer are some of such diseases. A study survey was conducted where people were asked to report their sedentary hours of work and the chronic diseases that they have. It was found that people who sit continuously for more than four hours are more prone to chronic diseases than others.

Fats breakdown in reduced

No physical activities can lead to reduction in fat breaking enzymes by 90%. Study was carried on rats when fats were injected in their bodies. These fats got stored in adipose tissues. It was difficult to burn the facts when they were stationary. Also the enzymes responsible for fat breakdown reduced to 10%. Same results were shown when the experiment was carried on humans. This also leads to reduction in the levels of good cholesterol, more fat retention, slow metabolism, wider waistline, obesity, cardiac disorders etc.

Brain functioning slows down

Sitting for long can lead to decreased oxygen supply to brain. Fresh blood and oxygen supply is vital for our organs to work actively, but sedentary lifestyle prevents fresh blood flow to our entire body making us feel lethargic and weakens our organs. Do you know why after every heavy meal we feel sleepy? Reason is that excessive blood is required for digestion that reduces the blood supply to brain making you feel sleepy.

Increases the chances of Diabetes and cardiac arrests

Sitting continuously weakens our pancreas by reducing the insulin production by 24%. Thus people with sedentary lifestyle are more prone to type 2 diabetes. Excessive sitting can also cause heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. Sitting for long affects the heart severely. Sitting for long leads to fat depositions in arteries and blood vessels and increases the likelihood of an attack by 125%. Also increased back and neck pains are similar such symptoms.

Shorter lifespan

Even if you work out daily, but if you sit continuously for more than 8 hours, may it be for work or watching T.V., remember you are killing your lifespan. Adults that follow are more active lifestyle are likely to survive more than those who don’t. The ratio of people dying due to this is 40% and the count is likely to increase if timely awareness about the same is not spread. Excessive sitting and sleeping will kill you soon. One must do exercises and walking actively.

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