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Know More About Our Favorite Ganesha

18-09-2018 02:56 PM  
Sagarika Kanukollu   

Know More About Our Favorite Ganesha | My Indian Dream

Serve Ganesha not just the sweets, but a promise of adapting his lessons in your life.

Ganesha, the God for all with divine strength is celebrating his birthday. People all over the country have welcomed him with rising colours and house full of sweets. While few bring him home, the others worship him in the public pandals. We often find him in the same posture, even though in different forms and sizes. Do you know what the posture signifies? While we seek blessings from him throughout the week, there’s a lot more to absorb from the Lord of Wisdom and positivity. Here are some distinct aspects Ganesha wants us to learn:

  • His small eyes, teach us to concentrate. Though you view innumerable things at a sight, when you are indulging in some activity, do it with concentration and focus. Be keen on learning.

  • His large ears, teach us to be a good listener. One of the greatest qualities of a good speaker is his good listening skills. Listen to everyone, but absorb only the positivity.

  • His raised hand protects us all from bad and leads us on a spiritual path. At the same time teaches us to protect our dear ones. And help anyone in need.

  • His big trunk signifies efficiency and adaptability. One should consume all the positive energy around him and adapt himself to his surroundings. One should perform his task with efficiency as large as Ganesha’s stomach.

  • His lower hand, which holds laddoos signifies giving. One should keep away from self-centeredness and learn to give. Through this, Ganesha teaches generosity and helping the needy.

  • Apart from these, Ganesha teaches us that our parents are our world. Dedicate your sincerity and devotion to them, and you can make the Lord happy. Ganesha worshipped his parents when he was asked to take a round of the universe.

  • Ganesha teaches us to devote ourselves completely to our duties and responsibilities.  When his mother assigned him the task of guarding, he never took his step back. And when Shiva was meditating and asked Ganesha to guard, he didn’t allow even sage Parashuram who wanted to meet Shiva.

Hence, this year, fill your life with Ganesha’s blessings and his teachings so that you meditate with a pure soul and clean heart. Serve him not just the sweets, but a promise of adapting his lessons in your life.

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