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Little Secrets Of Pets

19-03-2018 06:25 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Little Secrets Of Pets | My Indian Dream

Do we really know our pets....

We shower a lot of love and care for pets and treat them as our family members. So it is also important to learn to interpret their behaviour so that no stone is left unturned to give them all the joys possible.

We believe that tail wagging is an invitation to pet them more, but that's not the case. Italian researchers found that dogs wag their tails slightly to their right when they see something they like and to the left when they see something they want to back away from.

When pets come to us, we begin to arrange for food to feed them. It’s not always food that they want, most of the time they just want to be loved. So next time your pet comes to you, spend time with it by going for a walk, play games or give it a good massage. They will feel very loved and happy.

One may feel that it's nice to let the pets sleep all day, but it will actually lead to behavioural problems and can affect their personality. So keep them active by taking your dog out for a while or play with your cats.

If your pet dog is getting old, it will need daily supplements to keep it healthy. Try to know about special foods formulated according to their age from your veterinarian.

If your pet is lost, don't show worry in your voice while calling out as they won't recognize such a voice. Call out to them calmly. In case the pet is very young, you can attach a metal locket to its collar displaying its name and address.

Don't allow your pets to be much attached to you as if you have to go away, they might not be able to deal with the anxiety and stress and may cause destruction. Teach it to stay happily by itself so that it can cope well when you go out.

Pets like dogs have a great sense of hearing. Avoid making loud sounds in front of them. During Diwali, don't assume that they will get used to the noise. It only makes them more scared and paranoid. Instead, take them to a familiar room, close all windows and create a little white noise like the fan, television or radio. This will make them feel better as they feel they are in their own safe zone.

A subtle change in the behaviour of pets is an indication of sickness. Being listless, loss of appetite, excessive water intake, gaining or losing weight, bumping into things are all warnings that indicate its time to consult the vet.

When guests are expected, we tend to tie up our pets. Tying pets up for long periods makes them confused and hurts them. Instead, teach them good behaviour which they would be ready to learn rather than face the stress of being tied up in a place for a long time. You may also build or purchase a spacious kennel so that they have a room of their own.

These are a few tips that will go a long way in keeping your pets happy and healthy and help you to enjoy every moment with them.

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