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Lord Ganesha A Great Teacher In Our Lives

22-09-2018 06:00 AM  
Aastha Dogra   

Lord Ganesha A Great Teacher In Our Lives | My Indian Dream

Some lessons that we can learn from Lord Ganesha’s life.

Ganesha is the lord of beginnings. He is worshipped to remove obstacles from our lives and bring in prosperity, good fortune and success. Today on the day of Visarjan we wave our Ganesh with heavy hearts. Lord Ganesha a great teacher in our lives. His life is full of teachings and imparts many important life lessons to us..

  • Lord Ganesha wrote Mahabharata while Valmiki was reciting it. In the middle of writing, Ganesha’s pen broke. At this point, Ganesha broke his tusk and used it to write Mahabharata. This incident teaches us to complete our work come what may and never leave it unfinished.  
  • Lord Ganesha has large ears. That’s his way of teaching us to be a good listener.
  • Ganesha had to once encircle the world three times to win a race. Instead, he encircled his parents - Shiva and Parvati. With this gesture, he teaches us to respect our parents and treat them like they mean the world to us.
  • Ganesha’s vehicle mouse is so tiny, still, he carries the lord’s weight. This teaches us to never underestimate anyone.
  • Possessing such a huge size, elephants are one of the strongest animals. Still, they always remain calm and composed. Lord Ganesha’s elephant head teaches us to never misuse power.
  • Lord Ganesha once felt humiliated by the moon because the latter made fun of the lord. Ganesha cursed him that humans will never look at him again. Frightened, the moon asked the lord to take back the curse and forgive him. Lord Ganesha took pity on the moon and forgave him instantly. This anecdote teaches us to forgive our enemies.
  • Lord Ganesha’s posture of one leg on the throne and the other one on the ground implies that one should maintain a balance between worldly desires and spiritual knowledge.
  • Lord Ganesha is pot-bellied and does not look physically strong. It’s his wisdom which makes him all powerful. The important lesson here is that intelligence counts more than one’s physical might.

These are just some of the lessons that we can learn from Lord Ganesha’s life. The list is endless. Lord Ganesha is an epitome of strength, humility, power, newness, prosperity and good fortune. Let’s pray to him, learn from him and try to imbibe his super qualities, to become better and successful human beings  and say, "Pudhachya varashi lavakar ya"

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