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Mental toughness-mind, the one man army

11-06-2017 07:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Mental toughness-mind, the one man army | My Indian Dream

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Mental toughness is an integral part of success.

Being physically healthy isn’t the only key to a happier lifestyle. Mental health also matters. In today’s world of betrayals, stress, defeat; life is full of ups and downs. And one needs to constantly be prepared for one’s fate-whether good or bad. Attaining mental fitness is of utmost important, actually even more important than your physical strength as it’s the power of our mind that controls us completely. You are never defeated until your mind is defeated. Here are certain ways to take care of your mind and get mentally strong.

Learn to channelize

When challenges or important tasks knock your way, don’t worry or panic. The first thing we start doing is thinking about its consequences without even thinking about ways to solve the problem. To be strong and prepared, we don’t have to do this. We need to break down our problem, find possible ways to solve them and channelize your solutions smartly and aptly.

Attain mental stability

It is very essential to centralize yourself; centralize your thoughts, your mind. That is why yoga and meditation are recommended. Whenever you feel stressed, close your eyes and try to empty your mind from all the chaos. Take deep breaths by keeping your eyes closed. You can even concentrate on a certain object by staring at it continuously which helps to distract your mind from thoughts stressing you. This will help you to handle your thirst, hunger, stress, anger, confusions and many other such things.

Never give up

It sounds good to say it, but doing it is very difficult to abide by it. What is it that make some people successful and others are left behind? Is it that they are talented? The answer is obviously no. They win because they refrain from giving up. They are highly determined towards their passions and possess unprecedented willpower. They never say why me, instead they keep on saying try me. Difficult times teach us a lot and that is what actually keep us going ahead.

Be positive

Positivity has a great influence on our life. It helps us keep ourselves motivated. Never succumb to negativity. This is what we all tend to do often. Small failures sadden us quickly. We easily start thinking about the negative aspects rather than focusing on the positive side. This is human nature. What we have to do is divert from a negative thought to positive one. Be with people who spread positivity rather than those who always speak negatively. Optimism is very crucial for a healthy and strong mind.

Set achievable dreams

Always progress step by step. If a baby tries to run before even he could start walking, then he will definitely fall. Same is applicable to every walk of life. Also, set dreams step by step moving towards your final ambition. Set goals that are achievable and attainable rather than something extremely whimsical. Don’t make a situation of shooting an arrow in the air. Your proper footsteps will decide your road to success!

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