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Mere Observation Can Do Miracle

23-08-2018 01:54 PM  
Archana Sadashiv Wagle | My Indian Dream   

Mere Observation Can Do Miracle | My Indian Dream

Be a role model for your little ones.

Though I am modern in my outlook, I have very high norms regarding how men should behave with women. There are very few men who impress me.

 I picked up my son from school and reached home. As we opened the lift, a lady was getting out. He being small rushed in before she could move out. I held the door and waited until she was out. Then I went in and closed the door. In the lift, I told him that he is a big boy now and he should know that he has to wait till the persons in the lift alight. Also when girls and ladies are there in the lift he should open the door and wait for them to get in and out. 

He listened intently. My neighbour was waiting for the lift and when we reached our floor, he opened the lift for us. Also unlike before, my little young man waited patiently for me to move out and then came out after me. My neighbour also noticed his gesture and smiled. I thanked him and we got in the house. 

On reaching home I hugged n kissed my son and told him that I noticed his kind deed and I felt very special.

As he became a teenager and then a young man, he would treat me royally, open the car door and also hold me protectively when we were out. I love him for being a gentleman. Also by mere observation of his dad, he learnt how to speak and behave when women are around and it's the most beautiful thing of his personality. I am so proud of my young boy

Men rarely understand a woman's emotions and if they do they do not give much thought to it. I always felt this should not be the case. I spoke about it to my lad ever since he was a teenager and he not only understands me but knows where to draw the line from being caring to being stern and this I think makes a man perfectly balanced.

Bring up your young gentlemen by teaching them these little things that will make them distinct and respectful. It is much needed in today's world because equality of gender is as important as being treated with respect by the opposite gender. Begin young because the results are amazing....


I am Archana Sadashiv Wagle. I work full time for a PSU and writing has been my passion since I was a child. I haven't published yet but a couple of books are lined up. Hope to publish early next year. I write on varied topics......inspirational, travelogues, dialogues, monologues. I write poems too. All this in 3 languages English Hindi and Marathi. Looking forward to our valued association.

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