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Don't Neglect Sleep Deprivation, Get Rid Of It Today

15-05-2019 01:00 PM  
Debarati Choudhury | My Indian Dream      36

Don't Neglect Sleep Deprivation, Get Rid Of It Today | My Indian Dream

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Combat sleep deprivation today to lead a healthy life.

Every one of us is slogging each day to cope with life. The thought of getting done with the project that you are working on or finishing the assigned work soon keeps lingering in mind. And when the stress starts escalating, it disturbs our sleep cycle. None of us can do without working and how we handle our assignments solely depends on us. Thus, it's in our hands to ameliorate our lifestyle.

Work pressure is not always the reason behind sleep deprivation as it also occurs due to chronic illness and depression. Practising a few things can help combat this problem. However, consulting a doctor would be the best thing to do if someone is not being able to overcome the issue despite trying out the solutions.

Many people have the habit of eating their dinner late. It has been said that consuming your food three hours before going to bed is the right thing to do rather eating late. This gives your body time to digest before sleeping and also results in a sound slumber. You need to follow a proper routine in order to fight sleep deprivation. So, get done with your dinner early and try to sleep by 11 pm.

A lot of you might feel that taking short naps in between works but, it doesn’t. You need to follow a sleep pattern and once you understand the amount of sleep your body needs, you must maintain the same time to hit the bed as well as wake up.

It's very obvious that we switch off the lights as soon as we go to sleep but, many of you might have the habit of fidgeting with your phones even after lying down. It can not only distract you but, can also give you a headache.

Working out every day may also help overcome sleep deprivation thus, make sure to exercise on a regular basis. Concentrating on a particular thing might become a problem if you don’t get enough sleep so, try to fight the problem by solving it soon if you are experiencing it.


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