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No More Staying Away from Sweets!

24-09-2017 01:30 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

No More Staying Away from Sweets! | My Indian Dream

Bursting sugar myths: The sweetness in your life can help you actually live healthier

Are you constantly been cautioned by or refrained by your family, relatives and some friends from eating sweets? Then this article comes to your rescue!! Sweets are not always bad to eat! Well, everything in the world has its own pros and cons. We have been continuously told cons of sweet. Now is the time to talk about its pros! The article below lists various benefits of eating sweets. But I might like to make a point clear that the benefits stated below are relative and generalized; and not specific to any particular individual. As every person is different from the other, so are their diets and habits. What suits one must not necessarily suit the others too! So, that was it for the disclaimer! Let's get to know the sweetness...

Prevents you from getting strokes

A study was conducted as follows, 37 thousand Swedish men between the age group of 45 to 79 have their diet recorded for over 10 years. After the study, results showed that people who ate most chocolates had lowered their stroke risk by about 17 percent as compared to people who didn’t eat at all. This is the magic that sweets might do for you. And also here if I am referring to any chocolate, then it’s the dark chocolate or chocolates containing 65 to 70 percent cocoa.

It might be a healthy breakfast for some!

Another study was conducted among two groups of people- one who ate about 600 calorie breakfast with cookies, a slice of cake or doughnuts, and another had a 300 calorie breakfast with protein-rich foods like eggs, milk cheese etc. It was observed the 600 calorie eaters felt less hungry throughout the day and so ate less and lost considerable weight while the 300 calorie eaters felt hungry in the later half of the day and gained even more than what they had shed! So sweets can actually be your favourite breakfast choice just like honey on oatmeal! Always keep in mind that you must savour sweets and also eat green foods at the same time. Balance is very much important and so balanced diet is essential!

Chocolates helps lowering blood pressure

The same flavonoids that work for reducing the stroke risk also work in lowering blood pressure. It was surveyed that those who ate between 3 and 100 grams of dark chocolate or cocoa powder on daily basis had their blood pressure levels dropped by 2 to 3 mg Hg. Also just as a healthy suggestion, always prefer dark chocolates more over other saturated fats and sugars. This is so because, though you enjoy the benefits of eating dark chocolate but not the other sweets don’t do any good.  

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