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“Touch the Sky with Glory” October 8- Air Force Day

08-10-2017 02:00 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

 “Touch the Sky with Glory” October 8- Air Force Day | My Indian Dream

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India celebrates the 85th anniversary of Indian Air Force this year

The Indian Air Force is considered as one of the leading forces of the world. It has the strength of about 170,000 best-trained personnel and more than 1,400 aircrafts. Not only does it safeguard the country from enemies, it also provides help during natural disasters. The IAF provided extensive assistance to relief operations during natural calamities such as the Gujarat cyclone in 1998, the tsunami in 2004 and North India floods in 2013.

The Motto of the Indian Air Force “Touch the Sky with Glory” has been taken from Bhagavad Gita where in the battle of Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna reveals his magnificent and gigantic form reaching the sky that evoked fear and awe. Similarly, the Indian Air Force aims to overwhelm its adversaries with its sophisticated air power.

The India Air Force has been engaged in the four wars with the Pakistan and one with People’s Republic of China after its independence. The operations carried out by it are Operation Meghdoot-  to capture the Siachen Glacier in the Kashmir region, Operation Vijay – the invasion of Goa, Operation Cactus- military intervention to save Maldives and Operation Poomalai- to drop supplies over Jaffna, Sri Lanka. It has also been involved in the United Nations peacekeeping missions. The President of the country serves in the India Air Force as a Commander-in-Chief.

This year, the Central Air Command will celebrate the 85th anniversary of Indian Air Force.  Air Force Day is celebrated every year on October 8 with great enthusiasm and fervour.

The celebrations begin with a traditional military parade conducted by all Air Force stations at their respective bases. The ‘Nishan Toli’ - a flag which symbolizes the bravery, valor and commitment to mission, integrity and excellence of the Indian Air Force-  is carried by a lieutenant in the middle of the ground. The Nishan Toli was first presented by Dr Rajendra Prasad, the first President of the country on April 1, 1954, to the IAF. Since then this flag is most revered and is hoisted on important occasions.

Our hearts swell with pride to see the exhibition of the various aircraft and helicopters that were deployed for important missions like Operation Rahat and Operation Meghdoot. Along with these, the new aircrafts ready to launch for various missions are also exhibited, its features and its purpose explained.

The wreath laying ceremony is held to pay tribute to all the brave hearts of the Air Force who have laid down their lives in the service of the nation. Each individual’s contribution in accomplishing successful missions is praised and awards and medals of honor are presented to the air warriors in keeping with their achievements of the previous year.

The air show is much awaited where teams perform different feats in the air creating different formations. There is a breathtaking colorful display by other air-crafts and helicopters. 

The Indian Air Force continues to make huge strides in the field of technology and development which is evident from its latest aircrafts and helicopters and various other devices and equipment that can sense danger and enables quick response to threats.

It will be a proud moment for India, when next month, three Indian Air Force women pilots will make history by flying military jets. After having undergone strenuous training, they will soon be flying frontline fighter planes.

The Air Force Day celebrations fill our hearts with pride and is an inspiration for the youth of the country to join the forces and serve the nation.


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