"Dream, Dream, Dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into action."
- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Pudhachya Varshi Lavkar Ya...

05-09-2017 03:30 PM | Anita Neve | My Indian Dream

Pudhachya Varshi Lavkar Ya... | My Indian Dream

Think and Act. Together, We Can.

My heart was heavy…the vision was getting blurred, until tears rolled down my cheeks. I was waving my hands my lips were chanting "Ganapati Bappa Morya...Pudhachya Varshi Lavkar Ya".

I was feeling sad as Bappa was departing.  Bappa was departing but still promising me, I am there with you always. Don't worry.

While returning from the Visarjan,we were stuck in a terrible traffic jam. People were getting restless as the traffic was getting worse and had come to a complete stop by now.

And then I heard the sound of an ambulance. I peeped out of the window to see where the ambulance was and asked my driver to clear the way for the ambulance. He skillfully cleared the way for the ambulance but just then another car got in the way and then another bike and the ambulance got stuck again. The siren went on but was hardly noticed by anyone.

I felt so helpless and restless. I didn't know what to do! Questions after questions poured into my mind, they kept on piling up and I grew more restless.

How critical was the patient in the ambulance? God please save him...

Why there is such a traffic??? God do something... 

Why people are so self-centered??? God alone knows...

Why can't people move??? Everyone is in a hurry, trying to fit in their own vehicle first without thinking about the ambulance and the patient inside it.

Somehow the ambulance then opted to go from the wrong side of the road and crossed the traffic and went ahead. By now, the vehicles had started moving and then I got the answer for the traffic and the big block.

My expressions were like what is this...Loud a Dolby music system music harassing the eardrums and huge crowd dancing away blocking the entire road.  Oh! So this was a Ganapati Procession… But then where is the Ganapati? and then I found Ganapati was way behind with few men walking along with it. The Dolby blared an item number followed by the mayhem of bursting crackers.

It was so strange, someone was so worried and panicking in the ambulance praying, “Oh God! Why this traffic” ...and at the same time some were enjoying the Utsav of Ganapati saying, "Oh God! Come again the next year.”

But do you really think God would enjoy his stay when next time he comes, seeing all these changes happening in the so called “celebrations”.

Why can't we live simple, think simple? 

God doesn't want a big music system, a dance number or any crackers. 

Just a little feeling from bottom of the heart. Yenar na…

Don't you think he would have heard my prayers also along with the ones on the Dolby? Then why…

Think and Act. Together, We can.

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