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Raising Environmentally-Conscious Kids (Part 1)

10-09-2017 08:00 AM | Aastha Dogra

Raising Environmentally-Conscious Kids (Part 1) | My Indian Dream

Learn some more interesting ways to instill values in children

“Just as human activity is upsetting Earth's carbon cycle, our actions are altering the water cycle.” - David Suzuki         

Due to his selfish nature, man has exploited the Earth’s resources to such an extent that now we are facing problems like climate change and global warming, amongst numerous others. To lessen the impact of human activity on the environment, each one of us has to make a start somewhere. It is our duty to live our lives in such a way as to lessen the carbon imprint. Children are our future and as adults, it is our moral obligation to raise them in a way that they turn into environmentally-conscious beings.

Learning to care for the environment and to value the earth’s resources should be taught during childhood itself. More than books and words, environment education in the childhood should be based on “wonder” and “joy of discovery”. Being naturally curious by nature, children learn more when there is a sense of wonder involved.

  • Get your child’s creative juices flowing by involving her in an art project wherein she has to make something out of empty containers, discarded papers, old clothes, etc. While putting her creativity to use, she will learn that wonderful things can be made from old, recycled stuff.

  • The more a child interacts with the environment, the more she will value it. So take your child out to a national park, the ocean, mountains and all such places, which put her right in the middle of awe-inspiring nature.  See to it that the child’s interaction with the environment takes place every day.

  • These days, due to our busy lifestyles, we may not have the time to go to a beach or a garden. So, to keep your child close to nature on a daily basis, simply take her to your balcony, if there is a small garden. Go to your society’s garden and have her walk on the green grass.

  • A good idea is to find a tree, give it a name and tell your child that the tree is her friend and that she has to give it a hug every day. This will create an undeniably strong bond between the child and the tree and eventually, the environment.

  • You can add a bird feeder, tree house, rocks of different shapes and sizes to your balcony or house garden. Let your child water the plants and feed the birds. Tell her not to pluck flowers. Instead of “teaching”, let her “experience” nature.

  • If possible, grow some of your own food in the kitchen garden. Let the child see how much hard work it is to grow food so that she does not waste it while eating.

These small steps are a start towards educating your child about the environment. Tomorrow let’s learn some more interesting ways to instill values in children like conserving water, doing charity, saving money and zero food wastage. Wait and Watch!

                                                                                                                         (To be continued…)   

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