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Rann Utsav- From Arid Lands To Ethnically Diverse District

27-11-2017 11:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Rann Utsav- From Arid Lands To Ethnically Diverse District | My Indian Dream

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A festive extravaganza brimming with hospitality and traditional flavour

The Kutch or Rannutsav is a colourful and vibrant festival hosted in Gujarat where one is introduced to the indigenous culture and ethnic flavour of the people. It is held in the winter months and every full moon night, a three-day event is hosted which attracts people from all over the world.

Kutch, one of the most ecologically and ethnically diverse districts of the state is a celebratory land of art, crafts, music, dance, people and nature. The three-day carnival is held at various locales within Kutch. This year the festival is held from 1st November to 20 February 2018.

Numerous exhibitions are held displaying the architecture as well as the varied arts and crafts of the region. Folk music and dance performances organized in the shimmering moonlit landscape provides the most enchanting experience. The colorful fairs held near the beach or the banks of a lake swings one with the spirit of festivity and fervor. One just cannot miss the zeal and uniqueness of the people and join along with them in the celebration of life.

The Gujarat tourism organizes this festival in Kutch which is the largest district in India. This place is very dry and not conducive to agriculture or animal husbandry. The efforts of the Gujarat government to transform this arid place into one of the most colourful and vibrant places through aggressive promotion of tourism is really commendable.

Rann Utsav gives visitors not only a chance to experience full moon on salt deserts but also get a taste of the local culture, cuisine, and hospitality. Specially built local houses are also used to house tourists to give them a taste of local tradition. Many adventure clubs and travel clubs organize expeditions. This Utsav under the tutelage of Vibrant Gujarat has become very popular and is pulling crowds of tourists.

This annual affair has become the main driver for tourism in Gujarat and proved to be a model for many more such events across Gujarat and other parts of India.

During Kutch Festival thousands of people gather to witness the innumerable attractions. Accommodation is not a problem as the place gets converted into a tent city with more than 300+ Tents along with attached washrooms, western commodes, AC and Heaters, luxury beds, and fully functional dining area, meditation room, club, spa, outdoor activity zone, kids zone and host of other state of the art facilities. All these amenities are available in the backdrop of the Kutch desert thus giving a blend of raw feel of the desert and best amenities that make the stay even more memorable.

Apart from all the colourful and beautiful sights, one can also shop for handicrafts. Kutch is home to a diversity of handicrafts, embroidered fabrics, batik and bela prints, wood carving, silver jewelry, camel wool shawls among many other things.

The celebratory festival begins in the Bhuj city and goes around the district with a grand finale again being held at the preliminary destination. The festival is a mixed representation of culture and communities along with a vast diversity in ecology.

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