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Remedies To Cure A Headache Without Having A Medicine

11-06-2019 05:57 PM  
Debarati Choudhury | My Indian Dream      26

Remedies To Cure A Headache Without Having A Medicine | My Indian Dream

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Remedies that can ease the pain.

A severe headache causes a lot of discomforts. We mostly tend to take a pain killer during such situations but, did you know that there are other ways to get rid of the throbbing pain? Headaches may occur due to various reasons and I believe that acidity is one of them.

Here are a few remedies you can try to cure a headache:

Avoid Acidic Food: If you are prone to headaches, you must avoid eating anything acidic. Having a particular food during the wrong hour of the day may also lead to acidity. And even eating a citrus fruit on an empty stomach can give rise to it because once acidity takes place, you may suffer from headache.

Avoid Stress: It is true that all of us are slogging every day to cope with life but, taking a lot of tension regarding work may lead to stress which may give rise to a severe headache. So, find ways to release stress. Meditating might be a good option but, the important part is to be optimistic because being happy and positive can eliminate tension.

Apply Peppermint Oil: It soothes the blood vessels as peppermint consists of menthol and applying its oil can help reduce the pain. Take a decent amount of it and massage your forehead thoroughly.

Get A Hot Oil Massage: A comforting hot oil massage can keep a headache at bay. You can ask someone at home to do it for you as it will make you feel relaxed. It's better to apply the oil on shoulders and neck too before starting off with it.

Apply A Cold Compressed: Following this will help decrease the inflammation and relax the muscles. So, if you ever have a headache, try this simple remedy which may yield results.

It is even necessary to drink a lot of water not just to stay hydrated but also to prevent unwanted painful sensations like headaches. However, consult a doctor if the pain gets worse and doesn’t heal even after trying out various remedies.

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