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Do emotions break you or make you?

11-08-2017 06:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Do emotions break you or make you? | My Indian Dream

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If balance is one of the basic rules for existence, why do we fail to implement it in our emotions?

Emotions are very complex yet simple! Emotions are our best foes yet are our best friends too! Emotions can break you but can also make you! I know I am being very confusing so as to what I actually want to say. But what I said is a fact which very few people think through. We as humans never understand the thin line that we must always take care of while involving in any emotion. Either we are involved deeply or we are not at all. If the balance is one of the absolute rules for existence, why do we fail to implement it in our emotions? This is where it all starts and ends too. This article will show you how can the same emotion that breaks you has the equivalent power to make you!


This is the most complex and commonly experienced emotion. There is no person who hasn’t fallen in love even once in his or her lifetime. So I thought this is the best emotion to start with. Heartbreaks make you go through the worst of your life, the reason is simple! You loved the person beyond anything or anyone. You feel your world is shattered and you immediately break down. But the same love that breaks you completely also gives you the unshakable power to fight against the whole world just to be with the one you love! When you are in love with someone, you usually tend to do all in your power for that person just to make him or her feel happy, content. So the bottom line is, ‘Love can either make you feel heavenly or make you go through the hell of your life.’


Another most common one! We fear something or the other. Or certain situations create a sense of fear in our mind. Fears often compel us to refrain doing many such things that we should actually do. Ones which are important! Fears overcome our strengths easily and we fall prey to it. But if we learn to control our fear, we can do wonders. The same fear which was the reason for you giving up becomes the reason for your unstoppable journey to succeed. If we learn to gather all our fears and use it to drive us towards our goals, it would do wonders for you!


Has it ever happened to you that you think about certain happy moments spent with your beloved ones, cheer up and then your face falls when the reality strikes you that it is not hunky dory anymore? This is what the happiness or the so called happy moments can do to you at times. Some joyous moments prove to be irking memories when it no longer exists in reality for us! Where we are at the moment, we live it to the fullest, enjoy hard. Never does the thought of something unlikely happening strikes us at that moment of time. But alas! This is life! The ‘once upon a time’ happy moment can either keep a smile on your face forever or make you feel nostalgic dragging you to loneliness due to the unexpected harsh reality!

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