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Sone Ki Chidiya: India

30-08-2017 10:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Sone Ki Chidiya: India | My Indian Dream

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Let's revive the golden era of our country...

Let’s go back to ancient India before British Raj. Right from diamonds to other precious jewels, agricultural fertile land to hilly terrains, wide diverse rich culture with abundant prosperity, all of these are some that characterise the golden era of our Hindustan. Now, our country is termed as a developing economy, but our country was the world’s largest economy for about 1000 years! Here are some more facts about our country during its golden era.

We were the strongest economy!

India was world’s largest economy from 1 AD to 1000 AD. Our contribution to world’s economy in the world was somewhere about 24.5 percent which was equal to entire Europe’s share put together! We were economically strong land. A fact says that during the Mughal rule the income of our country was 17.5 million pounds which was much more than the entire treasury of Great Britain. For us, Diversity is both the weak and strong point for us. We have diverse cultures, traditions, food, rituals which are our prosperity.

We had all that the world needed!

We were the traders! Our trade roots were laid well back in 800 BC. We had formed business organisations and corporate forms. The current business strategies and theories are almost the replication of our ancient forms of business organisations ‘Sreni’. We had a very systematic management of trade. We produce raw materials, practised controlled manufacturing and had specific markets allocated for the sale of every product. Trade in India wasn’t an inexpensive deal! We had all possible metals required for infrastructure development. Trading was done by exchanging gold coins and bars. In 600 BC, coin systems were started in Mahajanpadas with silver coins. We were amongst the first countries along with Greeks to start money based trade. The foundation of a proper economic structure was laid down by Chanakya in the Maurya Empire in 350 BC.  India was a trading hub. Whatever the world needed, we had it. We traded food, spices, cotton, gems, also minerals. Although there were certain things we imported like wine.

Because of the richness and abundant money that our land made, all wanted to rule us. We had many invaders that attacked us, tried to break our unity, followed the divide and rule policy. By the time the outside interference in our land lessened, we ourselves were in a fight with each other which further worsened the situation. We lost our wealth and prosperity plundered.

Nonetheless, our country is now again making a comeback with all its might and power in all fields by reviving its traditional roots. We are now the fastest growing economy of the world and the time is not so far that we will be the strongest.  


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