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Strange food superstitions of the world

09-06-2017 05:00 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Strange food superstitions of the world | My Indian Dream

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Superstitions have stuck with us through the ages and people all over the world follow them. Following are some food superstitions that seem to be weird and funny

In the age of science and technology, where every act is treated with reason and logic, it is very strange that superstitions and beliefs that have been passed on through ages still find a place in our everyday lives. We have heard of sportspersons who have their own set of beliefs that they follow before a match or a game. Certain rituals which defy logic are followed blindly on special occasions all over the world which make us believe that superstitions are here to stay. Following are some of the superstitions related to food that is practiced even today in different parts of the world.


Observe the bubbles in your coffee mug. According to a Greek superstition, if the bubbles drift away from you, hard times will befall and if the bubbles drift towards you, then there is a reason to rejoice as you are going to be wealthy. There is no doubt that you will require a lot of patience for this.


It is said that dropping tea leaves accidentally in the house will bring you good luck. People even scatter tea leaves in front of their homes to ward off evil.

Another superstition surrounding tea is that if the brew is strong, it means you are likely to gain a new friend and a weak tea means you stand to lose a friend. Finding tea leaves at the bottom of your cup spells good luck. If the tag of the teabag falls off while the bag is still in the cup, it means you will lose a valuable item.


Since bread is a staple food in many countries of the world, it has many superstitions surrounding it.

If all the bread is eaten, then it is said that the next day will be good.

If you place a piece of cake in a baby’s cradle, it will keep away disease.

If you cut the loaf of bread unevenly, it indicates you have been telling lies.

When a couple is holding hands and walking down the street and an obstacle comes between them, they must say “bread and butter” to keep the union, until their hands meet again.

Let us not forget Murphy’s law that dictates that a buttered bread will always land buttered side down.


The act of carrying a fresh egg by farmers to the fields with the hopes and dreams of a rich healthy crop prevails even today in many parts of Europe.

An egg with twin yolks means that an expecting woman of the house will be blessed with twins. It also signifies abundance, prosperity and lots of good fortune.


Eating yogurt with sugar before writing an exam or before starting a business venture is said to bring good luck.


According to an age-old tradition if you are able to blow all the candles on a cake in one blow, then all your wishes will come true.


Showering a newly wed couple with rice by guests at the wedding ensures a life full of happiness, prosperity, well-being, fertility and never ending wealth. It is also believed to drive away evil and bless them with a happy married life. Although this ritual is practiced widely in India, it has its roots in American traditions as well as Egyptian and Roman beliefs.

In China, young, single females should not leave a single grain of rice on their plate. The number of uneaten grains of rice will denote the number of freckles on their future husband’s face.

These were some strange food superstitions that have been passed on through generations and seems to be here to stay. Some people follow them while some prefer to ignore them. As Voltaire has said,"Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy the mad daughter of a wise mother. These daughters have too long dominated the earth".

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