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India’s First Zero Food Wastage Platform, Food Dosti Application, Promises A Revolutionary Dining Experience

26-11-2017 04:00 PM | Sagarika Kanukollu

India’s First Zero Food Wastage Platform, Food Dosti Application, Promises A Revolutionary Dining Experience | My Indian Dream

Food Dosti is a game-changing concept that ensures you dine for a cause.

Heaps of social issues that can be up to some extent controlled by us are left unnoticed. Food wastage is one of such issues. Millions of write-ups, slogans and campaigns that run on curbing food wastage suggest us ways for the same - Households can make wise buying, Restaurants on their part can hire a proper waste management system to control food wastage on daily basis, customers should make it a point to leave no food wastage behind while eating out, etc. But, there are times when the restaurants or eateries fail to organize the leftovers and then they incur huge costs to discard the same. Many would have thought of dispersing the food to the needy, but are not sure where to find them.

To solve this issue and make these things easier, a techno-social startup in Pune has conceived and developed a social Application “Food Dosti” that is three- dimensional. This application will benefit the restaurants, customers and most importantly the Non- profits. Let’s see how.

For Restaurants and Customers...

Running a restaurant is an investment in itself. There are day to day expenses of waste disposal as well as the cost of the wasted material. Installing Food Dosti Application allows you to donate the leftover food from your restaurant to Non-Profits, which in turn upcycle it to the needy. In addition to the goodwill from the recipients, it also adds towards your CSR activities.

On the other hand, you can also earn patronage from your customers. If they clear their plate, you credit some rewards to their Food Dosti account as per your policy. This ensures three benefits:  There is almost no waste on the table. Secondly, the customer comes back to redeem the Food Dosti Reward Points. Thirdly, a part of these Food Dosti points can be redeemed on the customer’s visit to any Food Dosti restaurant. Your restaurant’s name would also be on the list and so the visibility would increase.

For Non-Profits...

You have been doing a great work already. So, here’s a little more support to offer you. Installing the Food Dosti Application would keep you posted with the restaurants that have excess food for the day. You must register yourself on Food Dosti website and then download the App. You will receive notifications when the restaurants broadcast the excess food availability. You can make a request for the food from the app itself and when it is approved, any person from your Non-profit can voluntarily collect the food from the restaurant and distribute it to the needy. This entire process is investment-free.

Isn’t it a wonderful social initiative for a food revolution that can curb food wastage! The fact remains established that it takes nothing to throw, but it takes a lot to grow. So, be a part of this initiative. Spread the word.