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The Global Issue Of Food Wastage

03-02-2018 09:00 AM | Shilpika Bajpai | My Indian Dream

The Global Issue Of Food Wastage | My Indian Dream

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Food wastage, the crisis of majority nations.

Luxury can be ignored but necessity can't be ignored. Food is a necessity to survive for every individual on earth. Surviving a day without a meal is something one cannot imagine. But we still continue wasting large portions of meals every day. 

Food wastage can be reduced and if care is taken then according to estimates saving one-fourth of the food currently lost it wasted would be enough to serve 870 million hungry people globally. Food is wasted at different stages starting from the process of production to the consumption by humans, a part of the total quantity gets wasted. Maximum food loss happens from transit from the farms to the urban markets. These losses can be avoided by proper care and transport facility. 

But we all know, to every problem exists a solution. The solution to save our food and it's resources needs to be worked upon. A few steps below can reduce wastage of food at every level and save meals for millions. 

Balancing food production with demand should be the first step to reduce food wastage. As production of food needs various resources, if measured and used cautiously can save resources and means put into production.

Better food harvesting, storing, processing and distribution programmes should be placed as that not only avoids wastage but also avoids the supply of excess food where the need is less. The government needs to plan more food reduction initiatives to save the excess food and distribute the same to NGO's so the needy receives a meal. 

And lastly we, we the people need to plan our meals. Every time we plan a family trip we try to save maximum by spending only that amount which is needed, let's adopt the same for food. Buy that amount quantity which you can enjoy. Anything in excess cannot be enjoyed. And when we food is in access we only tend to waste. 

So let's order what's needed instead of wasting our precious resources and the efforts of every individual who brings that meal to your table.


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