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The Growing Disconnect: Food and Us!

11-11-2017 10:00 AM | Aastha Dogra

The Growing Disconnect: Food and Us! | My Indian Dream

Well-chosen and the well-cooked food is as potent as a medicine.

Processed Foods! Ready-to eat! Packaged Foods! We all live fast lives and prefer fast foods. There is a lack of time in our busy lives. To compensate, we have started devoting lesser and lesser time to probably the most essential thing responsible for our health i.e. food. Ask yourself honestly - Are you choosing, cooking and consuming food properly?

Remember the time when our grandmothers used to cook each and every dish at home. This practice was kind of an insurance against disease! The cooking was hygienic, healthy and delicious!  You too can make a start and build a special bond with food. When cooking, use techniques that cause minimum nutrient loss. Keeping the lid on, boiling and steaming instead of frying and avoiding over-cooking are some of the ways to “healthy cooking”. Well-chosen and well-cooked food is as potent as a medicine. 

When you go to a supermarket, take time to choose fresh fruits and vegetables. When you choose a packaged food product, check the nutrition labels on it. Make healthier food choices for your family by going for foods limited in fat content. Consuming food properly, in the right quantity, is equally important. Overeating and under-eating both cause numerous life-threatening diseases.

Food companies, government and the medical community are in a way responsible for what we eat. Right food policies by the government, appropriate recommendations by the medical community and ethical business practices by food companies ensure that food acts as a catalyst of health. An honest bond between food and individuals, food and government as well as food and food businesses is sure to increase life expectancy and increment quality of life

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