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The untold episodes of Ramayana

10-06-2017 07:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

The untold episodes of Ramayana | My Indian Dream

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Did you know that the episode of Ram bending the bow and Lakshman's Rekha is not mentioned in Valmiki's Ramayana? Many such untold episodes of Ramayana is enlisted in the article.

Everyone knows the heroic story of Lord Rama killing the demon Ravana. For Lord Rama to emerge as a hero, there were many other characters in Ramayana who showed relentless passion and devotion to their leader Rama and stood by him in all circumstances. In the entire episode of Ramayana, there are many such stories that remained unread and untold over the time as many felt them as least important. This article puts a light on such short episodes of Ramayana you might enjoy reading.

Sita and Suparnakha

This story shows a very positive interaction between Sita and Surpanakha. You all are familiar with the fact how Lakshman had cut Surpanakha’s nose when she asked Lord Rama to marry her. The interaction took place after the battle when Rama has killed Ravana. Rama abandons Sita as she had spent time in Ravana’s Lanka. On his orders, Lakshman leaves Sita to a forest where she meets Surpanakha. In her vengeance, she starts insulting Sita and tells her that she is renounced of status and Surpanakha is of her beauty. Over this, Sita doesn’t get angry but instead offers her a berry and said these berries are very sweet as the ones in Mandodari’s garden. She continued explaining Surpanakha that how long can we keep on expecting love from people we love? She said to find the power within yourself to love others, even if they don’t and nurture love by sharing with others. When Surpanakha asked her about the wrongdoings of the culprits, she said that they will be punished for their karma and thus we should let go things. Ever since Sita was insulted by the brothers, they haven’t lived in peace. When Surpanakha eats the berry she indeed finds it very sweet and says that from now on she would race with Sita to the river. She again starts feeling beautiful and full of life! Isn't it a sweet story?

Lakshman’s wife Urmila

Very little is known about Urmila. There are very few episodes where she is illustrated. She is said to be Sita’s sister. It is said that Lakshman didn’t sleep even a single night during his 14 years of exile while protecting Ram and Sita. In order to compensate his and her own share of sleep, Urmila slept for entire fourteen years.  This was how he was able to stay awake and also killed Meghnad who was blessed to be killed by the one who hasn’t slept for 14 years. Lakshman is also called as Gudakesh-the one who defeated sleep.

Hanuman’s devotional love for Rama

We all are aware of how much Hanuman cherished his Lord Rama. I will tell you two episodes of Hanuman’s devotion. Hanuman never led Yamraj to enter Ayodhya to claim Rama’s life. So once, Rama asked Hanuman to bring back his ring which he had accidentally dropped into the crack of the floor. Thus Hanuman reached into the serpent world for the ring. Hanuman gets surprised to see a vault of rings there and the serpent king tells him that these are the rings that Lord Rama drops every time to divert your attention when his life on earth is over! This also tells us that Ramayana has not happened once but continues to happen and it’s the cycle of time. In another episode, Sita was applying sindoor, when puzzled Hanuman asked Sita the reason for applying it. She said that it was for her husband’s long life. Over this Hanuman starts applying sindoor all over his body. Hanuman loved Rama more than anything else!

There are much more such untold episodes of Ramayana which puts light on many aspects of the story. There are many versions of Ramanayna but the famous ones are Valmiki’s Valmiki Ramayan and Tulsidas’s Ramcharitmanas.   

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