"Dream, Dream, Dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into action."
- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Think Again Dear Friends, Life Is Beautiful!

21-03-2018 01:30 AM | Archana Sadashiv Wagle | My Indian Dream

Think Again Dear Friends, Life Is Beautiful! | My Indian Dream

A life full of happiness and laughter, what difference it makes in your, as well as others lives too...

A bunch of college kids were walking ahead of me, laughing incessantly, having carefree fun, holding each other by the neck at times, sometimes the protective hand on the shoulder. I loved their comrarderie, their zeal for life and their carefree nature. Most importantly the gender didn't count, they were all the same. No one-upmanship yet each distinct and beautiful. Then I noticed a beautiful gesture. They all halted at a street and started playing with street kids, they gave them food, talked to them and filled their life with the happiness and laughter. It was such an adorable sight. 
What if we see this scenario everywhere, the country will be emotionally strong and connected, there will be assured help at hand and there will be support. Life gives us so much, why not give a little of it to the ones who don't get it. Let's not talk about genders to our kids, let them do everything they need to so that they live a balanced and happy life. Let us begin the little gestures from home, treating our househelp and other people who give us their services with a little empathy. Let us contribute in our own way to build a happy caring world....love and peace to all.

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I am Archana Sadashiv Wagle. I work full time for a PSU and writing has been my passion since I was a child. I haven't published yet but a couple of books are lined up. Hope to publish early next year. I write on varied topics......inspirational, travelogues, dialogues, monologues. I write poems too. All this in 3 languages English Hindi and Marathi. Looking forward to our valued association.