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Travel as a Profession

26-09-2017 12:30 PM | Preeti Kulkarni | My Indian Dream

Travel as a Profession | My Indian Dream

You don't have to save up for that trip, there is another way


With the growing number of millennials in the working spheres, the working environments are experiencing a steady change throughout the world. With shorter work timings to more flexible working routines, the millennials are changing the rules of the game. An important factor in this trend to be considered is the change in perspective towards stability and settling. The new generation does not want a safe like like their parents did, they want a life of uncertainty and adventure.

As more and more people buy into the above mentioned perspective, the travel industry booms. People are now travelling more than ever before and spending more than ever before on travel. It is apt to notice that the most extravagant of these travellers are millennials. If you too are amongst the people who keep wanting to travel but are bound by the restrictions of your career, maybe you could consider travel as a profession!

You heard it right, with the rise in travellers, the tourism industry is booming and thanks to the added demand, there are all types of jobs that are in demand nowadays. You could be one of the people who are living their dreams while earning a decent income. Look into the options below:



There are various NGOs that will pay for your accommodation and food if you volunteer with them over given tasks. These NGOs prove to be platforms between people who want cheap labour and millennials who want to travel.



There are various professions which allow you to freelance, and the best part about freelancing is that it can be from anywhere in the world. You could be a designer, an author, or a web developer, your services cost the same whether you are in your house or on a beach.


Travel Writing

Travel writing in itself is a great option for those who want to take up travelling for long periods of time. Travelling and writing about your travel, while getting paid to stay at hotels and have their food sounds like a great deal.



Many countries offer scholarships to people who are willing to visit the country and teach English or other necessary subject, while paying you a decent stipend in the process. If you like to teach, this is the best option for you.


Government jobs

Although it sounds unlikely, certain government jobs, especially in the Ministry of External Affairs, offer you chance to travel for work, all expenses paid. If you are a government employee, you even get a travel allowance on top of your salary.


Travel Entrepreneurship

This is one option that is for the go-getters. Travel entrepreneurship is ripe as more and more people want to travel now. You can use it to your advantage and make a very good profit out of the business. Although it is a high risk-high payout kind of an option.


Travelling has now become a lifestyle choice wherein people are more and more looking forward to the upcoming travels. We hope this article helped you in order to curb your wanderlust.

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