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Why do Kids hate studying?

01-08-2017 03:00 PM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Why do Kids hate studying? | My Indian Dream

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Learn how studying is a path of joy...


Every parent wants to see their children become successful in their lives. But to make kids study is the hardest part of being a parent. Kids refrain from studying most of the times. We too as kids were the same. But have you ever thought what makes them hate studying so much? Here are few things that you might agree are some of the reasons for their disliking towards studies.

Studying is boredom

Most kids find studying boring. The learning process makes kids hate studying more as they have to keep on learning the same thing over and over again. The routine study schedules and methods add to their boredom. But if kids are made to learn in a different manner like by arranging activities and demos for them, they will enjoy the process of learning. Making studies a real fun for them is a way to kill their boredom.  

Can’t accomplish goals

Many times it happens that students study hard for their examinations but still are not able to acquire the desired score. In this situation, some parents and teachers further scold or criticize the child for not doing well. This demoralizes a child and further develops fear in studies. So if such a thing happens again to a kid in your family or a child you know, instead of scolding encourage him to continue his hard work.

No proper environment for studies

Having a peaceful and non-disturbing environment is very important for attentive learning. It gets difficult to study properly if there is too much chaos around. And if such disturbances happen during the time of examinations, if frustrates students further. A provision of a quiet room with minimum disturbance and sufficient lighting must be provided to a student so that he or she can study with full concentration.

Unaware about importance of studies

Kids are immature at their age. They are unaware of the importance of studies in their lives. We as adults should keep on timely explaining them the importance of studies for a successful life.  Guide them towards the right direction, make them work hard and focused.   

Lack of motivation

This can be a big reason for hating studies. Kids are innocent and they like appreciations and rewards for their work they do. If a child is gifted his favourite racing car for scoring good marks in his tests, he would work more hard the next time and score better. And this isn’t the case only with kids. Every human being likes his work getting acknowledged and praised. So always remember to praise your child for their achievements. Build positivity in them by motivating them. 

Studying is a process of learning and learning is to create a path of joy... 


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