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World heritage sites of India

22-07-2017 09:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

World heritage sites of India | My Indian Dream

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These unique world heritage sites of India will make every Indian feel proud.

World Heritage sites are the cultural and natural sites that have been recognised by UNESCO and are considered to be of immense cultural and natural importance in the world.

India, a diverse and beautiful country has 35 world heritage sites. Let us know about some unique such sites.

Capitol Complex, Chandigarh: The Capitol Complex in Chandigarh, designed by Le Corbusier is spread over more than 100 acres and comprises of buildings and structures like Open Hand monument, Punjab and Haryana High Court, Tower of Shadows, Geometrical Hill, The Legislative Assembly and Secretariat.

The Open Hand Monument was designed to move with the direction of wind. It conveys the message of peace and welcome- ‘Open to receive’.

Tower of Shadows is an airy and partially open building in which sunlight cannot penetrate. It supports Corbusier’s thesis that even in a hot country like India buildings can be designed in such a way that the temperature inside can be brought down to a considerable extent.

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