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IBFF holds first football camp for visually impaired

19-02-2017 08:00 AM  
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IBFF holds first football camp for visually impaired | My Indian Dream

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The Indian Blind Football Federation organized a football camp for the visually impaired in Mumbai to encourage and create awareness about their sporting abilities.

The IBFF conducted the first blind football match in Mumbai on 12 February. The match was held between players representing Wilson college team and the players of Xaviers Resarch Centre for visually challenged(XRCVC) and other institutions in Mumbai.

Shriya Saran who is the ambassador for blind football in India kicked off the match. The Federation has conducted many talent scouting camps earlier and this initiative will help build a blind football team in the city.

Five players each represent both sides of the team and it is played on a futsal ground ( an artificial indoor arena enclosed on all sides). The goal keepers have sight while the other visually challenged players play the game by following the sound of the ball which has bells inside.

The IBFF  is promoted by Society for Rehabilitation of the Visually Challenged, Kochi  which is a registered NGO working with the sector since 2002 and is  affiliated with the Paralympic Committee of India. The federation also plans to set up the first Blind Football Academy in Kochi where exceptional  talents will be identified and given intense training in fitness and tactical skills.

According to the Federation, the Indian blind football team ranks 23rd in the world.

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