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Think Again Dear Parents

16-07-2017 04:00 PM  
Sagarika Kanukollu | My Indian Dream      69

Think Again Dear Parents | My Indian Dream

Applauds for hard work

Rohan and Vicky studied together and were great friends since childhood. Their families were neighbours, but their lifestyles- far away from any commonness. While Rohan belonged to a strict Brahmin family whose father was a businessman, Vicky was brought up in a Punjabi family who owned a grocery store.

Rohan’s studies were more of a status symbol for his parents. While Vicky studied to score average marks and even his parents were more concerned about his well-being.  Meanwhile, both the kids attended guitar classes after school. But when the annual exam in class 5th brought low marks to both, the reactions differed in both families. Rohan’s dad was highly concerned of how he’d defend his prestige; so forced his son to focus on multiple tuitions and restricted him to continue his music classes.

Today, after 15 years, Rohan’s MBA isn’t finding an employer. His father’s firm had to liquidate a few years ago. Rohan is about to get engaged. But, he is jobless. The irony, Vicky is now a musician and has got an amazing rock band. He is a renowned musician in the city and is getting international projects too. He once offered Rohan to join him in his team, but Rohan’s hands are now tied up with his parents and in-laws’ prestige. What’s next for him?

Why does education rule our lives in a way that kills children’s dreams? Why does the society matter more than our children’s likes and dislikes? Why don’t elders think beyond what’s visible?

The misconception that only educated people are successful should be objected. Education is indispensable, no doubt. But, it shouldn’t create barriers in your child’s life and force him to keep his passion far away. Nurture your child in a way that he is literate up to the required mark and rest of the decisions make him happy. Your child is not a tool to fulfill your dreams. Rather, your child’s happy life should be your dream, as a parent. And apparently, every human who’s happy in his/her life has surely made something good out of time.

Think back. If those people who gave birth to our country’s gems, had they forced them to get A grades; our country wouldn’t have had Sachin Tendulkar, Dhirubhai Ambani, A.R. Rehman, Amitabh Bachhan on the platform they’re now. Your children seek for your support, not your control.

So, hold their hands, not them. Let them go achieve what they want to. Let them choose what they’re passionate about. Let them learn what they are keen about. Today, breathing in this 21st century, you should realize that no profession and no art are unworthy. There is an audience for every work and there will be applauds for hard work.

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