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A Solution To Global Water Crisis

09-01-2018 10:33 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

A Solution To Global Water Crisis | My Indian Dream

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Star citizen Deepika Kurup is determined to fight global water crisis

When Deepika Kurup visited her grandmother’s home in India, she was disturbed at the sight of kids drinking water that seemed so dirty even to touch. She tried to find out why people do not have clean drinking water and realized that the world is facing a water crisis. Back in America, though she was only 14, she was determined to fight the global water crisis. This goal coupled with her love for science led to the invention of a  cost-effective, eco-friendly way to purify water which eventually won her a major science prize.

She developed the technique of photocatalytic composite for water purification wherein the composite combines titanium dioxide with cement. The cement-like composite can be formed into several different shapes, which results in an extremely versatile range of deployment methods to purify water for individuals as well as communities.

She also founded Catalyst for World Water, a social enterprise aimed at catalyzing solutions to the global water crisis.

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