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Break the Barriers Says India’s First Lady Autorickshaw Driver

06-03-2019 04:18 PM  
Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream   

Break the Barriers Says India’s First Lady Autorickshaw Driver | My Indian Dream

Shila Dawre always wanted to do something different.

Shila Dawre was good at driving and wanted to make driving her profession. However, she faced opposition from her family who after providing her with education wanted to marry her off for which the rebellious girl was not ready. Dawre left her town in Parbhani and came to Mumbai where she initially struggled, but later triumphed to become the first woman auto-rickshaw driver in India that too, way back in 1988! She has also got recognition in the Limca Book of World Records as India’s first woman autorickshaw driver.

Now she has started her own travel company and is associated with autowale.in. She encourages women to fight gender bias and take up the profession of driving.


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