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The Life Changing Story Of A Mumbai's Gangster To A Marathon Runner

16-01-2018 01:00 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

The Life Changing Story Of A Mumbai's Gangster To A Marathon Runner | My Indian Dream

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How running marathons changed Rahul Jadhav’s life

As a young man, Rahul Jadhav wanted to earn fast money and wished that people should respect him, even if it is out of fear. He chose the wrong path and got involved with gangsters. After his arrest and subsequent jail term, he wanted to reform himself.

He got himself admitted to the Muktangan Rehabilitation Centre in Pune and was counseled by Habiba Jetha who inspired him to set a goal. Having run several times from police and shootouts, Rahul stated that he only knows to run.

With the help of Dr. Anil Awachat, the founder of Muktangan, Jetha arranged for him to participate in an upcoming 10-km marathon in Pune. Then, there was no looking back. With lots of hard work and preparation, he participated in the Mumbai marathon as well as the Mumbai Pune marathon. Running not only helped him to run away from his vices but also reformed him for the better.


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