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Help Us Green Preserves The Holy Ganges By Eliminating Flower Waste

27-09-2018 01:36 AM | Anita Neve | My Indian Dream

Help Us Green Preserves The Holy Ganges By Eliminating Flower Waste | My Indian Dream

Help Us Green is the world’s first profitable and lean solution to the monumental ‘temple-waste’ problem.

Go Green is the slogan used nowadays by many. Most of the people practices more environmentally friendly, sustainable and ecologically responsible lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.
Now the question is... with the festive season all year round and flowers being offered in every temple how are we going to minimise this waste. The answer is with Help Us Green.
Help Us Green is a company in Kanpur which collects more than 800 kgs of waste flowers every day from the 39 temples in Kanpur, recycle them and convert them into incense sticks and organic vermicompost. 
The duo Ankit Agarwal and Karan Rastogi from are the founders of Help Us Green. This radical idea of recycling waste flowers into incense stick came to their minds when they both visited the temples on the banks of the Ganga in Bithoor, Kanpur. They both were disturbed seeing the pollution caused by flowers offered in the temple and the bad face of beautiful flowers which no longer had a lovely fragrance but a rotting smell into the rivers. And it was not just the flowers to manage, the flower waste pesticides were used which actually affected the marine life too. With the strong feeling of recycling these flower waste, into incense stick they successfully trademarked the term "Flowercycle" for the process.  
They both quit their jobs and launch Help Us Green with a small investment of Rs. 72000/- only. With this, they rented a farm on the outskirts of Kanpur to start their unit. And two months later they came out with their first product of vermicompost called "Mitti".  
Soon they came up with the incense sticks made from these flower wastes. Initially, they collected 12 kgs of flowers per day and today they collect 4.2 to 4.7 tons of flowers every day from 39 temples of Kanpur. Moving ahead they are almost ready with their new product of florafoam, which is a biodegradable alternative to thermocoal from waste flowers. Normally the thermocoal that we get in packaging is used only then once and thrown away and it ends up in landfills. 
They are producing World's first biodegradable thermocoal made out of waste flowers and which is the best alternative but also 27% cheaper than thermocoal. Florafoam will soon be used to package electronic goods.
Help Us Green has provided a livelihood and employment to more than 79 women at their production unit and aims to increase the number up to 5,000 by 2022.
They are the winners of the UN Young Leaders Award 2018 and nominated for the Goalkeepers Awards by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – on recycling the temple waste along the Ganges. They are soon going to introduce Bio-leather from these temple flowers. Vegan Leather made from flower waste instead of animal skin saving fauna. Help Us Green is the world’s first profitable and lean solution to the monumental ‘temple-waste’ problem.

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