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Meet the Wonder Woman Dr. Seema Rao, India’s First and Only Female Commando Trainer

08-03-2019 02:45 PM  
Sukhada Khandge | My Indian Dream   

Meet the Wonder Woman Dr. Seema Rao, India’s First and Only Female Commando Trainer | My Indian Dream

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The urge to become physically and the mentally strong person has made it possible for Dr Seema Rao to become India’s first and only female commando trainer. Without taking any monetary compensation, Dr Rao is in this career for more than 20 years now.

This International Woman’s Day, MyIndianDream takes a look at this unique and vigorous career option that Dr Seema Rao has chosen and also talks about how she believes in Woman Empowerment. For Dr Seema Rao, a seventh-degree black belt holder in military martial arts, Woman’s Day is one of the important days which takes a look at what all a Woman can achieve and accomplish in her life. If in Mumbai, her workplace, Dr Rao prefers to deliver a lecture on Woman empowerment, if not then she takes the help of social media as a platform to drop an inspiration message on Woman’s Day.

She said, “I completely believe in this day, and the power woman has to accomplish something in her life. This day talks about Woman empowerment and so I like to spread an inspirational message through social media.”

Apart from a commando trainer, this multifaceted personality is also a shooting instructor, a firefighter, a scuba driver, a rock climber and a Mrs India World Pageant finalist.

Talking about this different career she said, “I was Born in the family of freedom fighter, therefore deep inside my heart, I always felt to do something for my country. I felt the need to make myself physically strong and learnt martial arts and Taikwondo.”

Born to Prof Ramakant Sinkari, she grew up with the sense of patriotism in her life.

She was able to take this patriotism and love for martial art ahead after she met Major Deepak Rao, her life partner who supported her in each and every step of her life. Even while early marriage, Dr Rao considers herself to be lucky and blessed to have Major Deepak as her husband.  Since their marriage, this couple has been working in the field of close quarter battle training. For his dedicated work in the field, Major Deepak, in the year 2011, received Presidents of India’s rank awards for his 20 years of contribution to Indian Army. Major Deepak shares the same award with Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Abhinav Bindra.

“After I met my husband and in the due course of our training in martial arts and other forms, I realised that I am a sharpshooter and could shoot anything from a person’s head as small as an apple,” said Dr Rao while telling about her career.

It was their dedication and skills in shooting and martial arts for which they were invited to give demonstrations and later on these demonstrations were transformed into training for Indian Armed Forces. It was in 1996 that they approached the Chiefs of Army, Navy and BSF ( Border Security Force) wherein they gave their training programme to the commandos.

Apart from just the trainers, this couple has completed their studies in medicine, and are certified doctors, whereas Dr Rao has also completed her MBA programme in crisis management.  She is also a PhD holder. With such higher education and an edge in martial arts, Dr Rao has many times also undergone injuries. A certain injury also cost her memory loss for months wherein she could not remember anything other than her husband.

Such a dedicated journey in the field of commando training, and taking into consideration that it is not possible for her to undergo pregnancy because of physical limitations, Dr Rao adopted a girl child. The same girl is now working with Dr Rao in the field of Woman Empowerment.

In a bid to make women empower and make them physically and mentally strong in this bad world of rape and eve-teasing, Dr Rao has designed a special program DARE (Defence Against Rape and Eve Teasing). This is a one-day programme designer by Dr Rao that has two phases. First is a psychological and other is physical.

She said, “Right from the time you think that you will be attacked there are many things going in your mind. This psychological effect and how a woman can react in such incidents, all this is a part of  DARE programme.”

Usually conducted in corporates and NGOs and other working places, this is a unique programme that can make women strong mentally and physically to tackle any situation. This programme is usually conducted by Dr Rao’s daughter.

Apart from this, Dr Rao has also made a movie Hathapayi which is first of its kind mixed martial arts movie. Still, in the pipeline, the movie is now waiting for its release.

On this special Day, Dr Seema Rao gives women a quick tip on how to be careful and save you from any incident.

  1. RUN - Running is considered as queen of exercises, therefore a woman should practice running at least 1 kilometre daily at a fast pace. This will surely help women if they are in any fix situation.
  2. AWARENESS - One needs to have a higher degree of awareness about the place and time they are travelling. A woman should know about the area completely if at all she is caught up I'm an emergency situation.
  3. ROUTINE, A SECRET - If women are travelling late in the night always, make sure never leave office at a fixed time. Keep changing the timings so that no one can take you for granted with regards to schedule.

Lastly, Dr Rao believes that woman has the capability to unleash herself and one should always realise that she has many things to achieve.


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