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 Preaching about environment during Wari

21-06-2017 10:30 AM | Sukhada Khandge | My Indian Dream

 Preaching about environment during Wari | My Indian Dream

 18-days pilgrimage to Pandharpur also makes sure that it reaches people with various social messages

As entire Maharashtra is talking about the holy pilgrimage Wari which starts from Dehu and Alandi and reaches Pandharpur on the day of Ashadhi Ekadashi, this is a time when the state experiences universal brotherhood and harmony during this 18 days journey.

While lakhs of devotees become a part of the pilgrimage wherein they walk towards Pandharpur, one experience a devotional spirit in the worship of Maharashtra’s God Vitthal.

Warkaris, a cult who are the devotees of Lord Vitthal walk their way towards the holy city Pandharpur and during journey sings traditional songs by having the accompaniment of Pakhawaj, cymbals and Veena.

During this procession and pilgrimage, traditional folk is what one can experience. With Kirtankars, Bharudkars singing traditional Abhangs and Ovis one can experience the Warkari culture. Folk becomes important phenomena to reach lakhs of people and therefore social messages are also conveyed during this pilgrimage. Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and Maharashtra Kala Sanskrutik Manch comes together every year during Wari and spread the message of saving environment. Kirtankar Dnyaneshwar Wable, Bharudkar Chandabai Tiwadi and Shahir Devanand Mali regular perform in front of devotees and through traditional abhangs and Ovis emphasize on saving nature and environment. Messages like plant trees, rainwater harvesting among others are regularly included in their traditional songs.

Tiwadi said, “Saints have already written about all these messages in their scriptures. Vrukshawalli Amha Soyare Vanachare which means plants and trees and our friends and we should plant them more is the message written by saints. There are many such Abhangs written and we include all these messages in our Bharud presentation and make people aware nature and its importance.”

While Wable said, “It is the need of time to make people realize that we should embrace nature and keep our environment clean. Therefore my kirtan presentations have all these social messages that imbibe the social messages.”

This is a noble initiative that brings the devotees together and also introduces them to many social messages.

Wable said, “Though kirtan was initially known for spiritual enlightenment among people, now going beyond the same, we are also spreading the message of various social topics. Right from tree plantation to rainwater harvesting, organic farming among others all these messages is preached during Kirtan presentation. Saints have already written all these as abhangs and we use those abhangs and preach devotees and common man about the hidden messages in Abhangs.”




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