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 Setting an example by reducing dumping ground burden

16-06-2017 11:30 AM | MIND Correspondent | My Indian Dream

 Setting an example by reducing dumping ground burden | My Indian Dream

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 This posh society in Mumbai showed the citizen how can one reduce the problem of waste management.

This building located in one of the plush areas in Mumbai has set an example to be environmentally conscious. Mittal Chambers in Nariman Point is one of the first buildings to set up composting machine that converts wet and garden waste into compost. All this is possible in just 24 hours.  What good about this machine is that it will reduce the load of Deona Dumping ground which has already reached the saturation point. Talking about the exact numbers, it will reduce the dumping ground’s load by 16,000 kg

Jointly started by Nariman Point Association and Clean Mumbai Foundation, this project has been especially started taking into consideration the load that all dumping ground are facing.

Kunti Oza, chairperson of the Clean Mumbai Foundation informed that the building’s residents started segregating their wet and dry waste and later got this machine. As per a report published in Hindustan Times, Oza said, “They will use some of the compost generated and donate the rest to the BMC’s A ward garden department.” There are about 80 small companies housed in the tower. They produce 45 kg to 50 kg of wet waste in a day.

With this machine, the residents have surely shown other citizens that how a small step can reduce the burden of waste disposal in the city. Composting is necessary for gardening and this machine will give the composting in just 24 hours which could be used for beautifying gardens.

This project is not just solving the problem of waste but also helping city garden to maintain the greenery in a healthy way.



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