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Showcasing The Art Of Painting Not With Brushes But With Nails

14-01-2018 09:30 AM | Shilpika Bajpai | My Indian Dream

Showcasing The Art Of Painting Not With Brushes But With Nails | My Indian Dream

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Shekhar Joshi - The unique artist who shows you monuments through 'nails'.

His paintings could be mistaken for wooden carvings from a distance but that's the beauty in the hands of Shekhar Joshi. Joshi( 56) chose to use his fingernails instead of a chisel and a brush for making portraits of legends and the Indian monuments. 

His artwork of 56 paintings was showcased as a part of a solo exhibition at Delhi's All Fine Arts and Crafts Society. He has also gifted a nail portrait to our late president APJ Abdul Kalam.

When asked about his future paintings, he says he wants to showcase his unique art by making a series of monuments and heritage buildings of India and also portray a colonial era in his art.

The very talented and creative Shekhar Joshi also has authored books including "Tribal Arts", "Art and Craft of Uttarakhand" and "Art and Communication".

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