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Teaching Maatru Bhasha online

30-05-2017 03:00 AM | MIND Correspondent | My Indian Dream

Teaching Maatru Bhasha online | My Indian Dream

What started as general Kannada introduction sessions to his friends is now a startup that teaches languages in India online. 

This techie in Bengaluru helps people to learn languages online. If you wonder how then being shocked that many people in Bengaluru could not speak Kannada and has difficulty in communication being from another state, Raghavendra Prasad decided to do something for Matrubhasha (Mother tongue). 

Initially, he started teaching Kannada with his friends and later thought of taking this training to another platform. After teaching this language personally for few years, after ten years, Prasad launched a startup to teach mother tongue. 

The startup named IndLangs aims to Bring Focus back to Maatru Bhasha. 

“The objective is to provide an online platform to all Indian languages, through which people from all over the world can learn to speak and also read and write Indian languages,” said Prasad. 

As he is teaching Kannada for the past 10 years Prasad informed that a person starts speaking the language in 16-20 hours. He has conducted Kannada classes for many corporates, including Biocon, MTR Foods, Wonobo, Aquentia and GoalWise. Apartment residents as well as some CEOs have found Prasad's IndLangs ideal. 

For non-Kannada speakers in Bengaluru, it is difficult to find any short-term courses to learn the language therefore this app proves a boon for those who want to learn this language quickly. 

He said, “People find it difficult to attend courses over months. It has to be short and easy.Most people who try to learn it from a colleague or a friend end up learning only two-three phrases like `oota ayta', and `coffee ayta.” 

He further added, “The biggest mistake anyone trying to learn Kannada or any Indian language makes is to learn it through English.If you know any Indian language, you can learn another easily. Another mistake while learning Kannada, particularly for someone who knows Hindi, is ending words with a consonant.Kannada words end with vowels. We also make it fun to learn the lan guage.”

IndLangs  provides offline as well as online classes through WhatsApp and mobile app. Offline courses could be taken in 10-12 classes. He informed, “Kids learn faster than adults. But even many adults managed to learn to speak and even read Kannada in less than 12 hours.”

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