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The Dungman Of India

20-01-2018 05:06 PM  
Shilpika Bajpai | My Indian Dream   

The Dungman Of India | My Indian Dream

After the progressive Padman, here's Prasad Singadi - The Dungman of India.


"Akshay Kumar is playing the role of India's Padman, I want to become the Dungman of Maharashtra", said the very talented 40-year-old chemical engineer.
     Prasad Singadi was always disappointed after visiting nurseries due to use of plastic pots in a place which was a symbol of eco- friendly and green environment. This disappointment leads to innovation in the most primitive way.  The use of plastic pots had to be changed to a more eco-friendly method. 

This thought gave rise to 'Cowdung Pots'. Singadi in his childhood years learnt about the durability of cow dung cakes from his mother. He knew cow dung was not only durable but would also work as a nutrient for the plants. He believes that using cow dung will not only benefit the plants but also give an additional income to the farmers of our country who suffer financial crises.

After laying out a plan, Singadi spent six months trying to make the perfect recipe for lasting cowdung pots. Finally after a series of tests and fails, Singadi discovered cowdung, gou mutra(cow urine), leaves of nirgundi ( vitex negundo) and neem were the perfect mix.In this project the Primitive Indian Technology, Singadi makes 300 pots every day that are three, five and six inches deep. The price of the pots varies from Rs 20 to 75 depending on its size. 

This initiative by Prasad Singadi is giving a rebirth to the methods and crafts of our ancestors which have slowly faded with time. Singadi surely takes up the status of a forward looking Indian with ideas of traditional means. 


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