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A Young Girl’s Idea Truly A Boon For Alzheimer Patients

08-01-2018 11:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

A Young Girl’s Idea Truly A Boon For Alzheimer Patients | My Indian Dream

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An innovative idea lands a bright girl the IGNITE award

Reshma Khanam has won the IGNITE 2017 award for her innovative idea. She conceived the idea of a guiding system for Alzheimer patient if they get lost. This device once developed will be a boon to Alzheimer patients as it will help them find their way home or alert his/her family or take assistance from any passer-by if they lose their way. Reshma said that it would be a wearable device equipped with a GPS and a SOS button.

The idea came to her mind when she saw her grandmother suffering from Alzheimer’s and she felt the need of some guiding system for patients like her if they get lost.

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