"Dream, Dream, Dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into action."
- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

A Beautiful Way to Celebrate Women's Day

08-03-2019 04:00 PM  
Archana Sadashiv Wagle | My Indian Dream   

A Beautiful Way to Celebrate Women's Day | My Indian Dream

We need to pause at times and look around.

As women, we carry a lot of responsibilities on our shoulders. We care for our family, have our careers and also find time for things we love. We are superwomen....

But do we treat another superwoman with understanding and love? There are many instances which prove we don't or are selective in our dealings. 

Doesn't your lady boss say, I did it why can't you? 

Do we treat our maids with empathy, give her a little less workload on those days when she is unwell. 

Do we understand the triumphs and tribulations of our daughter when we say 'At your age I was'? 

Do we talk to our fellow travellers who are women so that they feel included and supported? Are we happy with the success of another woman? Do we lend our shoulders to other women who may need to lean on them? 

I believe that we all have a great deal of love and empathy within us but we are so overwhelmed by our own struggles that we have lost sight of our virtues and become practical. 

We need to pause at times, look around and help in whatever way we can. Because in helping others we will bring great joy to us. In finding solutions to problems of other women we may stumble upon solutions for our own problems. In bringing solace to another woman, we will heal and find respite.

 A smile, a word of encouragement, a warm hug or just a hello will make another woman happy. The essence of being a woman is in belonging and by including other women by doing so we can make the women around us feel good about themselves. 

Let's begin this journey of feminity by spreading empathy and love.... together we can make a difference to womanhood.

A very Happy Women's Day to all.


I am Archana Sadashiv Wagle. I work full time for a PSU and writing has been my passion since I was a child. I haven't published yet but a couple of books are lined up. Hope to publish early next year. I write on varied topics......inspirational, travelogues, dialogues, monologues. I write poems too. All this in 3 languages English Hindi and Marathi. Looking forward to our valued association.

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