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Grab a Solution for Good Health

08-03-2019 03:00 PM  
Sagarika Kanukollu   

Grab a Solution for Good Health | My Indian Dream

Yoga for health is a step towards a happy life.

In the midst of the 21st Century, life isn’t taking a pause for anything around. People are flowing in the busy streams that bring along sleeplessness, stress, workload and improper food intake leading to an unhealthy and inactive life in the long run. But, people hardly notice it in the initial stages unless it becomes a serious problem.

To grab a solution for this, here we help you choose some better ways to shape your good health. Let’s have a better understanding of healthy life in two parts: Food and Yoga. When these two elements are well balanced, it results in healthy living.

Our body comprises of different parts which perform different functions for us, like the respiratory system, the digestive system, the neural system and the heart to energize all these. To ensure the smooth working condition of all these parts, our plate must have elements to support the metabolism of our body. The requirement of each body is different in terms of the nutrients, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and energy. So, the foremost thing you need to do is to listen to your body requirement.

Yoga Diet principles talk about having natural, vital, energy containing and pure elements in the food we eat that is called Sattvic Diet. Our body functioning is balanced only when there are right proportions of these elements in the food. The ancient Yogis believed in being vegan and a creature-free diet, while the modern Yogi diet finds it ethical to satisfy the body requirements with the essential nutrients that are present in animals. It is very essential to carefully choose and buy items for your plate. Although non- vegetarians are healthier in terms of the proteins and energy intake; they should be cautious about the freshness and purity of products. While vegetarians need to balance their diet with a Sattvic diet that has grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dairy products to gain the required metabolism. But, never indulge in over intake of anything.

Along with the right type of elements in your plate, Yoga Diet follows the right time to serve the plate. Your body should be trained to consume on a certain time period in a day and make it consistent. The breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be rich in vitamins that fill energy in you. The lunch shouldn’t have a lot of rice, which can drive you to sleep in the noon time. Here, you can add sprouts and salads to the plate to enhance its value. You should have a light meal at your dinner, as the digestion process is slower in the night.

Yoga Diet equally emphasises on physical and mental fitness of your body. It is necessary to devote some time of your day to Yoga for a stress-free life. Depending on the time and convenience, you can prioritise the postures of Yoga. For the minimum, the basic asanas would be of great help. The more the time you devote, the closer you move towards a happy life. But again, the choice of postures should be safely chosen to avoid side effects. There are certain postures restricted for senior citizens, pregnant women, and people with health complaints. The principles of Yoga Diet state that yoga contributes highly to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of a person that substantially improvises work efficiency.

Let’s step towards healthy living and happy life.

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