"Dream, Dream, Dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into action."
- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

The Day of My Enlightenment

12-09-2017 08:30 AM | Sagarika Kanukollu

The Day of My Enlightenment | My Indian Dream

Take a break from your routine life....

It was a rough Sunday and I woke up with no plans. I called up my friend and she offered me to join her for some work. With a sigh, I agreed to accompany her. An hour by then, we headed. She said she had to drop her dad’s cheque at an old age home located on the edge of the city.

I was impressed to come across her dad’s philanthropic attitude despite being a rich gentleman. We stepped into the office that was on the front side. While my friend was signing some pages, I flipped my eyes around. Something caught my ears that pulled me inside the hall that followed. I was surprised to see so many old-aged people, colourfully dressed, with funky caps and coats, tinkling along the music that played in the background.

On enquiry, I got to know that someone recovered from a long-term illness and these adorable beings were celebrating someone’s life. I wondered if that was a right place for those childlike, yet so courteous people filled with love and care. The next moment, a senior lady held my hand to serve me some pastry. I was flattered with the enormous space in her heart that accepts everyone.

In no time, she shared a conversation with me. She asked my whereabouts and well-being, assuming me to be her visitor. She formed a bond, for she had her granddaughter of my age who never came to see her. She asked me to promise my next visit. I responded lovingly and could see happiness in her eyes. In a while, my friend came in searching for me, and the next thing stunned me then and there.

The lady with me was my friend’s grandmother. What took me in agony, was that a person who came there to donate a cheque couldn’t step in to devote some time! What seems more precious? What do they really need? What have they expected all the years they brought us up?

Nuclear families, busy lives, frustration and impatience often trap many of us to forget that what stays with you in your toughest days is your family. What you are meant to give is your time. Even in their old age, what they seek is some love and self-respect. People staying in old-age homes don’t get isolated. They have their kind of people there, people with huge hearts, people with unconditional love and selflessness. They need a visitor’s smile. They need you to sit with them and talk. Laugh along and they’ll again believe that the world is so beautiful with people around, and you’re their family.

Take a break from your routine life. Make some time to visit your nearest old age home on your weekend. Give them your time and trust me, they’ll give you more than your life- an unconditional love.

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