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- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

The Night He Met Reality

11-09-2017 01:00 PM | Sagarika Kanukollu

The Night He Met Reality | My Indian Dream

A glimpse of the other part of the world that is dry, while you live in the lush green bay...

Sometimes, a small incident can bring a drastic change in a person’s life. While few bring positivity, some might result negative too. But, if the person is ready to extract the best lessons from life, nothing can stop to better himself.

Rahul and his family lived in a posh area. His father was a stern lawyer, and so were his principles. Born in such a well-to-do family, Rahul had no big mouth in front of his father. His mother was a soft-spoken lady too. Rahul also behaved how a usual 12 year- old does. He loved the junk food that his friends brought for recess and showed the least interest to the chapatti; his mother packed.

The only meal taken together with the family was the supper. The dishes tasted quite boring for Rahul, whose taste buds dance to the junk spices. But he was tied up with father’s discipline; couldn’t play around with food. He counted each bite he put in as if a raw bitter gourd.

One of his friends suggested him to take the tiffin back to home and dump it in the dustbin before his dad arrives. He was convinced. But he would be caught if someone found food in the dustbin. So, he chose to just throw it out of the window from his room. He did so, every eve for a week.

It was 7 pm, and the rain was pouring heavily outside. The family was waiting for his dad. Away from the family’s sight, he slowly went to the window, took out the chapattis and leaned ahead to throw them. Rahul was stunned and felt distressed when he found an old man shivering in the rain. Having no place to save himself from the rain, he quivered under the window roof. Assuming that Rahul was offering him, he snatched the chapattis immediately. Rahul continued to watch him in amazement. The old man ate them in no time, held Rahul’s soft hands and cried with gratitude.

It was an eye-opener for Rahul. The moment he spent wasting food every day, has now become a moment gaining wisdom. He was enlightened with the true value of food. He realised; what is easily available for him could be a struggle to get, for someone. The very next day he learned about nutrition and its importance for a healthy body; in his class.

Now, it’s a year by then. Rahul asks mom to pack two chapattis extra and carries them to school. While coming back, he gives them to the people in slums.

Sometimes, you just need a glimpse of the other part of the world that is dry, while you live in the lush green bay.

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