"Dream, Dream, Dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into action."
- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Leftovers Guru | My Indian Dream


Leftovers Guru - Magic from Leftovers

06-06-2019 07:20 PM | Anita Neve | My Indian Dream

Sugar Free Ice Cream  | Leftovers Magic | My Indian Dream

Relish yummy cool sugar-free ice creams out of tender coconut malai, left after drinking the coconut water. It is not just yummy but has the number of benefits that are amazing. It helps improve your skin quality. It is also a good source of dietary fibre. The fibre in it gives energy and ensures that you remain full for a longer time. It keeps ... Read More

04-06-2019 04:00 PM | Anita Neve | My Indian Dream

Food Dosti Tip Of The Day... | Leftovers Magic | My Indian Dream

Muskmelons, the fruit of summer is a powerhouse of health. It is also known for its high water content which helps in preventing dehydration. Muskmelons give us lots of nutrients and are rich in Vitamin A, C & potassium which regulates blood pressure & strengthen the immune system. Enjoy your summer by eating more fruits. Muskmelon ... Read More

22-01-2019 01:00 AM | Anita Neve | My Indian Dream

Low Cost Bamboo House Can Be Built in Just Four Hours | My Indian Dream

Video: Breaking News - 'Four-hour' bamboo house wins top prize - Courtesy Breaking News Today. Earl Forlales, a twenty-three-year-old in the Philippines has recently been awarded £50,000 for the Cities of our Future price for his use of low cost sustainable material and also considering the speed of construction... Read More

24-01-2019 04:16 PM | Anita Neve | My Indian Dream

The First Indian Women with a Disability to Adopt a Child | My Indian Dream

It all started when a wonderful couple first met the child in Keonjhar, Orissa where this newborn was left all alone in the hospital by her biological parents immediately after her birth. On seeing this little angel the wonderful couple felt some special bonding for the infant baby. They felt as if she was meant for them. They wanted to h... Read More

10-01-2019 12:50 PM | Anita Neve | My Indian Dream

Giri Sisters, the Real Heroes of Odisha | My Indian Dream

It takes a great deal of courage and bravery to save somebody who is scared half to death. The two sisters Sasmita Giri and Purnima Giri from Bhubaneshwar with their courage were able to save lives of almost 10 people from drowning or being eaten by the crocodiles in the river Mahanadi after their boat capsized.  According to a re... Read More