"Dream, Dream, Dream! Conduct these dreams into thoughts and then transform them into action."
- Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

  • Guava is rich in vitamin C, iron and dietary fibres. It is a low-calorie powerhouse with all the essential nutrients. 
Blend Guava, Pineapple, Orange or any juicy fruit of your choice with a pinch of black pepper and black salt. Garnish it with a lemon slice and serve this fruity Glow Punch for the party.


  • Take the leftover mutter paneer veggie in a bowl & mash it thoroughly. To that add wheat flour, ginger garlic paste, coriander, little oil & knead a soft dough. 
Roll out small parathas & roast the rolled parathas over the tawa. When the paratha is slightly roasted apply some oil & similarly roast the other side of the paratha. Enjoy yummy green parathas.


  • Make this delicious & nutritious healthy bars with the leftover slices of beetroot & carrot on the salad plate. Grind these beetroot & carrot slices & put it in a heavy bottom pan. 
Add some milk, a paste of dates & raisins & cook on simmer till it becomes thick & the milk is completely absorbed. Grease a tray with butter & transfer the mixture into it. Pat it with hands & let it cool & cut it into bars.


  • When Puffed Rice or Kurmura have lost its crispness, turn them into nutritious energy balls. Heat jaggery and water into a pan for a few minutes. When it starts boiling and becomes little thick add cardamon powder and the puffed rice to it. 
Let the mixture cool down & then bind it into small laddoos. Yummy Kurmura Laddoos are ready to eat.


  • Make a healthy protein-rich breakfast from the leftover dal. Saute cumin seeds, ginger paste and diced onions in some ghee. Add required seasoning and diced vegetables of your choice. 
Now add the leftover dal along with soaked Dalia with a little water and cook it on a simmer for a while. Yummy healthy dalia is ready to eat.


  • All parts of radish, its leaves, pods, seeds and flowers are edible, tasty and healthy. They help in treating digestion related issues and fight against diseases including cancer, heart disease and stroke. 
Relish a peppery refreshing appetizer by blending radish, carrot, orange and beet in a juicer.


  • Take a cup full of chopped dates, 3 tbs of honey and around ¾ cup of water. Cook these items on a slow flame in a saucepan until it gets thick. 
Let it cool and store it in a refrigerator. Pour this sauce as a topping on fruits or even eat with chapattis or pancakes.


  • Perfect chilli flakes can be made at home. Dry the red chillies in sun light for few hours. Then keep roasting it on a low flame till it is crisp and tends to break. 
Only after cooling down, break them into small pieces. Use the pulse option in the mixie instead of grind to get coarse chilli flakes. Store this for 6months in the refrigerator.